The International Seamen’s House is an historic Christian mission to the world’s seafarers who visit the busy Port of Savannah, Georgia.

The port ranks fourth in the nation, and is the fastest growing of all major U.S. Ports. Nearly 3,000 vessels dock in Savannah each year, and the four ISH chaplains attempt to visit them all.


Dear Friends of the International Seamen’s House,

The International Seamen’s House has been helping seamen for 175 years. Our services are many as we
t meet the ships and transport the Seamen to our facilities. We help them to contact loved ones at home, give
them snacks, free clothes and most of all: a free Bible in their own language. They spend time with our
Chaplains and learn that God is love.
Currently, we have 2 chaplains at our annex but could use at least 2 more at the Garden City Terminals, 2nd
largest and busiest port in the USA. We are currently processing about 10,000 seamen a year and expect this
number will also increase. The port Chaplain is John Nichols and he is joined with Rev. Everett Tumblin.
Evelyn Singleton in the past, covers the Ocean Terminal, East Coast Terminal and also handles the affairs of
the International Seaman’s House downtown which includes our beautiful little Chapel. She is carrying on the
work that brought she and her husband Curtis to Savannah.
Because of faithful supporters and prayer partners like yourselves, our work continues on. Again this year we
ask for your support as we continue sending Bibles all over the world.
“So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. “- Isaiah 55: 11


o 1. Help us to continue providing Bibles in 51 languages that we always freely give to these seamen.
each Bible is about $12. We need to re-order for next year.
o 2. Please help us with expenses and maintenance for the vans such as oil changes, tires, insurance and
gasoline. This year we drove 30,000-40,000 miles with seamen packed in the vans. One shopping trip
to the mall, saves them about $50 cab fare for a group of six.
o 3. The seamen look forward to getting a ditty bag in Savannah. We provide hundreds per year. They
contain items such as: soap, socks, skull caps, snacks, $5 phone cards, pens, etc.
o 4. There are thousands of seamen that we cannot reach as they come into the port and leave within
hours. We could use volunteers to drive a van , even one day per week.
o 5. Finally, we need to save towards a new van; cost $40,089.00. One of our vans was totaled in a wreck
and we need to replace it.
*Remember all donations postmarked by December 31 st can be used as a tax donation for 2018.
Please make checks payable to: The International Seamen’s House
Mail to: The International Seamen’s House, 25 Houston Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401

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This information was updated on:1-30-2014